Here at Ryatta Group, we're working hard on some exciting new features for SpaDirect.  We'd love to have your input.
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Help SpaDirect serve you better
First, a few getting-to-know-you questions

Are you a SpaDirect customer?

What spa system do you use?

What's your role at your spa, hotel, or company?

Let's talk about yielding

Yielding is the practice of varying prices according to demand in order to maximize revenue.
How do you yield prices at your spa?

How often do you change your yielding configuration?

If you yield both online and offline (or would like to), would you be willing to enter your yielding rules in both places to ensure customers see the correct prices online?

Some systems support fine-grained yielding rules for offline bookings. Would you be willing to pay a small premium for the same level of support for customers booking online?

Lets talk about your discounting policies.

How do you distribute discounts?

If you do distribute coupon codes, what kind of coupons are they?

How often do you change your discounts?

Do you define your discounting strategy at the same time as price yielding?

Ideally, how would you like discounts work online?

Thank you so much for participating in this survey.  If you'd like to leave any comments (about yielding, discounts, this survey, or anything else), please leave them below.  We appreciate all feedback.

Thanks again for answering our questions.  You're helping us make SpaDirect work harder for you.
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